Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Reflecting: Felix Black

Not a lot of words can describe progress nor excitement. It has been work in the making for this Felix Black but one thing I can say learning him throughout these last few months "determined" is the best adjective that describes Felix and We Are Monsters. Need to know why he's so artistic and energetic, then take a seat a find out why he's reflecting.

The MaYoR: Felix Black, it's been a while since you put out a new project. Give me some background on this new material and if you feel you have grown as an artist?

Felix Black: Well it's still the same ol' me, kinda. My old EPs were made just for the sake of having tunes on deck. Something to ride around to, so this is sorta my first. "real" mixtape. Thus being, I wanted it to have a bit more structure to it.The sound has evolved completely and will only get better with time. I fell in love with a couple new producers such as Sango, Kaytranada, Evil Needle and MythSyzer. All together there's this new age, trap/club sound that sounds nothing like something that should be coming out of the east coast, let all Central Pennsylvania. There's this whole euro electric vibe going on, meanwhile I'm still twisting word with a southern swang and a Midwest mentality. As an artist I feel like I've grown a lot. A year off will do that to you as long as you work on your craft day in and day out. I've been focusing a lot on my songwriting ability and I've learned to incorporate a lot of real life events into my imagination and thought process, as well as my flow has tightened up. Of course there are things that I know I can work on and will work on for the next project, but I'm satisfied with this one as a whole.

The MaYoR: How did you come up with the title We Are Monsters?

 Felix Black: The Joker once said "We stopped looking for monsters under the bed once we figured out they were inside of us.", and it kinda hit home. I've been dealing with a lot of mental shit over the past year and it's been driving me insane, to the point where I don't feel like myself and I feel like a monster. But I think we're all crazy, some more crazy tha others, but as a society we're batshit crazy. At first it was titled "I'm a monster" until I noticed that everyone fucks up shit when they're stressed out, but they never come to the realization that the things they're doing are destroying themselves and those around them until it's too late. Really, I just wanted to wake the blind man up.

The MaYoR: Now before you started working on "We Are Monster's" your body of work was already husky. I know this may be a hard question, then again it may not be. With all the songs you have done do you have a favorite and if so why is that one your favorite?

Felix Black: Oooooh, that's a hard one. Since I HAVE to pick a favorite one I'd have to say it would be "For Me" produced by Brock Berrigan from the (smoking) EP back in 2012. I think at that time that song really defined me. The way I came in on it is forever timeless. "Things are heavy and heated, max on the treble its radio season. Eminem rappers will blow on refraction so skip his CD if you're ready for Felix." It was me coming out not for the underground artist's recognition, but for recognition from their better halfs and saying "If you're ready for some real music, stop listening to your man's records and fuck with a real nigga, haha" The style eventually became a base for me to use and I molded it into my own steeze.

The MaYoR: Now before I hit you with one of the most serious questions I have ever asked to this date I have to ask this, your music to me is a mixture of house, trap, Houston Style and odd future. If your familiar with odd future what is your viewpoint of that genre and where do you see it elevating too?

Felix Black: I'm very familiar with the OF Clique. I was actually one of the first TTC fans in the burg, before he won his award. Their style is very raw and heartfelt, if you actually listen and get past their outlandish metaphors you can feel it. Since OF has emerged they've been a huge influence on not only my music but my life. Syd and Left Brain actually changed the way I make beats, they've gotten me into using chords in the 7th, spacing things out and not being afraid to try something new. Listening to Frankie O is what actually made me want to improve my songwriting ability so much. Tyler has taught me to be myself to the full extent and not give a f*** what anyone else thinks about it. I could see OF staying in the industry for another 10 years, if not longer.

The MaYoR: Solid, once I understood exactly what Odd Future music was and after listening to your style of music and learning your mannerism's, a person like myself I had to do the math and solve the equation of "Felix Black Music" lol. Now here's a question I'm sure you will appreciate. You know I'm all about challenging the mind right? How important is friendship to you as a person and how has that helped keep you focused in life and on music?

Felix Black: Friendship is one of the most important things in life, and my friends are very important to me and I let them know it everytime I see them. It's impossible to go through life without friends, having no one in your life to talk to will drive you to take the easy way out. You'd just get trapped in your mind and hate everything around you, I promise I've been too close to rock bottom too many times. The company I keep has been the same company I've kept since freshman year in high school when I first started pursuing my dream, I really don't call them friends anymore because we've all bonded so much over the past 5-6 years, they feel like family. I like some of my boys more than certain family members to keep it 100. When I started recording, it was new to them but they weren't quick to jump on my dick and tell me it was hot just because they were my friends. If they didn't like it, they would tell me. If they thought it was hot, I would know because they wouldn't stop playing it. As an emcee's friends should treat him. Friends don't let friends drop shitty tracks. My boys always push me to accomplish my dreams day in and day out, the Kings are the brick wall that holds me up.

The MaYoR: This is very true and your viewpoints on friendships are completely valid in my opinion. Now your first single off We Are Monsters you released was ( You, Me x Her) Can you explain the message in the artwork?

Felix Black: Well I was high on google images the other night, and I searched up one phrase, "Threesome" and I come across this picture. Now when you get as high as I do, your eyes can AND WILL decieve you. So in this picture, the girl on the left looks like..someone I used to know (I mention her a couple times throughout We Are Monsters) so I saved it for further inspection. After staring at for 20 minutes straight, I realized that it wasn't really her but I felt like it would've been hella dope if I distorted it so it still looked like her when I sobered up.

The MaYoR: Now you released We Are Monsters December 30th. How excited were you to finally release some new material, songs and sounds that I am sure your fans have been anticipating for some time now?

Felix Black: Is that a real question? Excited is an understatement. I can't even think of a word to describe how ready I am to drop this new project. It's been entirely too long since I've done something I was proud of.

The MaYoR: Thanks for rocking with me and letting the world into your world. We Are Monster. One love.

Song: Unapologetic

Song: Felix Black Featuring CJames Unordinary
Produced By: OTWGBEATS