Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Reflecting: Media Trafficker's International


I got the chance to sit down with the CEO of Media Traffickers International Jamie and his right hand and business partner, friend and artist B.P. to see what their viewpoints are as business men, rappers, relevancy of the music scene locally and the upcoming compilation mixtape their company is hosting. Let's see what they are "Just Reflecting" on.

The MaYoR: Where do I begin, Jamie I met you about two years ago and I didn't even know until a few months ago the type of moves you were working on. You are the CEO of Media Trafficker's International Jamie and you have been building for some time now. How long exactly has Media Traffickers Int been in the works and what made you decide to go with this name for your company?

Jamie: Media Traffickers International has been around since late 2011, early 2012. It was started as a concept to help promote different individuals and businesses that didn't have the avenues to promote and expose who they are and what they do. Names and words are big with me because they have meaning and power. Long story short, the name came from taking a word like Media, which is what we're working with and means, the means by which something travels and putting it together with a word like Traffickers which many people have a misconception about because most of time you hear the word something negative is happening but in reality it’s a distributor or carrier.

The MaYoR: Very dope, it always excites me to hear how other people come up with the names of their businesses since I know how important logo's, branding and titles are. Now I want to talk about this new project entitled Star City Kings which debuts this month on the 16th. I am honored for Levels Ready Ent to actually be involved with this project. I believe it's great for the city of Harrisburg. When did you realize that title "Star City Kings" was the right fit for this project?

Jamie: Star City Kings was an idea Brandyn "B.P." had for exposing the world to the talented artists from our city. When he hit me with the idea I liked it and got on board, it just so happens that it was a project that was right in line with what Media Traffickers is doing. After we started sharing the idea with others and they liked the plan, we knew we had something that had the potential to turn into a great project.

B.P. I knew it right away, I knew that no one had anything like this in the works so I felt like we might as well do it, but it was really about just finding the artist and picking the right time. And what better time than now, a few of the artist on Vol.1 have projects dropping on and around the same time period as well so I feel like we need to get this artist heard beyond their core audience and exposing everyone as much as possible.

The MaYoR: Let me go straight into this next question then. With the reference "Kings" seeming like the latest trend in the HipHop community right now what exactly does the title "Star City King's" mean to you?

Jamie: To me, Star City Kings means standing up and representing where you’re from, what makes where you’re from great, and also what makes you who you are in your city. It really should be a celebration, a triumph of sorts. Everywhere has a “Star City” (capital city) and this is just our exclamation as to why our city stands out on the music scene. It’s been so long that anyone’s stepped forward from our area to put out a collective project with a diverse group of artists that otherwise might not end up on a project together.

B.P. I feel like it is me, this is where I'm from. When we started calling it Star City it wasn't just because we are the capitol, that's part of it, but its because we shine, we all know how much talent resides in this area, you and I for example and its so many more where we're from. And my belief on calling it Star City Kings is that if your out here making positive moves looking to improve whatever market that your in and become successful doing it then you are a King/Queen.

The MaYoR: Facts, and as stated previously Im honored that Levels Ready Ent has some involvement in this project which drops December 16th. Now if you don't mind let me get alittle personal. I'm a firm believer that your up brining is extremely important when building character becoming a man. What influences growing up helped you develop into the man you are today?

Jamie: I saw a lot of examples of what not to do if I planned on living in a certain way once I got older. A lot of what I saw and experienced just wasn’t how I wanted to live my life in the future. Although I saw many negative examples of what I didn’t want my life to end up like, I didn’t have to look far for positive influences. For instance, my grandparents on both of my parent’s sides had a major influence on grooming me into who I’d become later in life because they showed me love, value, hard work, the entrepreneurial spirit, instilled in me good manners, and showed me the importance of first impressions. Other than the family dynamic, faith has played a strong role in my development and progression.

B.P. Everything has an influence, family mostly but growing up I watched everything and everybody and listened to those who had what I wanted even the folks that didn't because I know that I can learn from everyone. I pay attention to all things and take from it what I can.

The MaYoR: Jamie, where do you see your business ten years from now?

Jamie: Wow, ten years from now?! I see myself doing what I’m doing now but on a larger scale. I want to be in a position in my own work where I’m able to expand to the point where I’m able to help others flourish and build their dreams and goals. I totally believe that the more you invest into individuals and build actual relationships then the more you’ll benefit and reap the residuals for the long term. So much of what we do right now is from the muscle, but I believe that'll start to ease and become more streamline. With the right amount of belief and effort anything is possible.

The MaYoR: B.P. What type of musical influences helped you in life experiences?

B.P. Really I was influenced by everything if it had a nice beat and good sound I would fool with it but, ultimately I would have to say that I like R&B the most, the old school stuff because it just has so much feeling and spirit. That as the dude Rich Homie Quan would say "Make you feel some type of way" lol. But that type of music can make your day easy the smoothness and they always talking that fly ish.

The MaYoR: I respect and hold both of y'all thoughts to a very high standard. That was very refreshing to be able to relate to your thoughts ten years from now. Do you have any other events or projects that you are looking forward to in the future that you may want to share with the people?

Jamie: With every project or event I go into, the main objective is growth from that point. We have a few fun things we want to do with this current project. One good thing about the position that I’m in right now is that there are no rules, limits or stipulations because I’m in control. I’d love to elaborate more on some things that you may be seeing soon but I’ll keep them under wraps for right now.

The MaYoR: Once again much respect. Since this is called Just Reflecting, Jamie what outlets do you see yourself reaching with the help of Star City Kings Vol. One and B.P. If you could have a conversation with anyone dead or alive who would it be and what question would you ask and why?

Jamie: We definitely want to have a strong internet presence. Sites like Levels Ready Ent are where people can get the info they need that touches where they’re really at, where they’ll see artists, individuals, and businesses alike that they know and can relate to. The internet is so fast today and really opens you up to the whole world so all the various avenues you can go with that are crucial to the success or lack thereof, of a project. We also want to work the good old one on one contact with people. I think the value of direct communication gets lost in this internet heavy age we live in.

B.P. I would have to say it's between Malcom X and Martin Luther King and that's because they were two black leaders that really wanted more for our people and overall people in general. But my question would be how do you feel about the black culture today and what else would you have wanted to do to improve upon it ? And I ask that because I know when they left a lot of dreams and ideas left with them, and I believe that if they had never been assassinated that us as minorities we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

The MaYoR: I want to leave the people with those thoughts and statements my bruddah's so with that being said I definitely appreciate you taking the time out your busy schedule to chop it up and let the people in. Much respect to you both, Media Traffickers International and Star City Kings Volume One.

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