Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Reflecting: Mr. Mills

When you think of HipHop or even Rappers in general many things may come to mind right? For those who don't know Mr. Mills may not look the part to the average eye but his lyricals and energy along with his personality and outlook on life makes him stand on his own two. Don't believe me then let's see what he's Reflecting on.

The MaYoR: Mister Mills, your an Artist that has been making some noise locally for sometime now. You've been working on your upcoming project entitled Mister which you are anticipating dropping second quarter 2014. Let me ask you, being as though you are a HipHop upcoming recording artist, what is your outlook on HipHop?

Mister Mills: Hip-hop to me has evolved in so many ways to the point that people don't even know the difference between rap and hip-hop. In terms of my outlook, I feel that some of the roots and grit that hip-hop once had has been lost in translation due to not only the evolution within the genre itself, but rather the evolution of music as a whole. Just listening to the radio now a days shows how the simplicity of boom baps and deep lyrics are no longer what people want to hear or consider marketable to the consumer. I for one am still a fan of originality, style, and cultural influence. As an artist to me these are the things that are lacking in the current state of hip-hop. In order for hip-hop to stay relevant it has to innovate but in the same sense, it must stick to the code that has been laid out by the generations before us!

The MaYoR: When developing your sound, when did it hit you that you reached a comfortable realm as a recording artists and writer?

Mister Mills: Im still not comfortable with my realm. Being comfortable means being content. Being content means to stay in the same place. I certainly want to remain constant but in order to grow and expand as an artist I must always stay focus and willing to move or step up to the next obstacle or opportunity.

The MaYoR: What three things do you want the listeners of your upcoming project to appreciate the most?

Mister Mills: The three things as a listener you should look forward to im my upcoming EP "Mister" are originality, direction of concepts as the record progresses, and style of presentation. For me in order to be successful you have set yourself apart from others and create your own lane but still remain humble and willing to learn.

The MaYoR: Lets take a step back and really reflect. What was one thing from your teenage years you remember about Rap Music?

Mister Mills: I remember the transition rap music made. The 90's to me were the golden years of rap music. The rise of West Coast and East Coast set the divide creating competition and hunger. Rap was more of a sport then. Everyone was dropping classic albums not to keep up with numbers but to gain rep and respect. Touching on your first question I think the hunger and drive of artist in the industry is lacking. Without those two key ingredients hiphop will still continue downward.

The MaYoR: Very well put. If you don't mind me asking, who were some of your influences as a child and were any of them musically influential?

Mister Mills: Growing up I looked up to athletes and my father more then I did music figures but for me the most influential artist were B.I.G. , Tupac, Nas, WuTang, snoop, dre, em, Eric B and Rhakim, Method man, redman, common, etc. The person with the most influence on my current style has definately been Common and Tupac. The way I structure my bars is very similar to commons style and presentation. As far as substance and poetic flare I would attribute those beginnings to Tupac. After all I was writing poetry before I was rapping.

The MaYoR: Wow, I never would have imagined poetry was something you took interest in first before placing foot in a booth. Now let me ask you this, many think that rapping and doing music is a fad for most but something tells me that's not you at all. What is your goal as an artist longterm, to reach mainstream or stay independent and why?

Mister Mills: I have no expectations as an artist other then to produce and record timeless music. I would like to reach success independently but its very hard to do so in this day and age. My biggest goal is to make music that will last and that you will be to reflect on for inspiration, guidance, or interpretation for years to come.. Even when Im gone I want to live on through my work.

The MaYoR: Very well put. Keep progressing and your legacy will stand strong.

Song: Five Fingers Of Def

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Video: ConceptuallyUnpredictable Featuring Thelonius

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