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7/5/17 #WhatYouNeedWednesday: MAZON


Written By Lhayana Dallas

When all things burn, what you retrieve from the ashes determines the growth of a new seed; and the energy that’s put forth to embed determination and perseverance in your mind, waters the bud. In the case of lyricist and producer MAZON, his self-titled album is the flower that bloomed from the ashes. Despite life having a mind of its own, and a way of attempting to force him off his destined path, MAZON remained headstrong and pushed forward. As a result, “MAZON” was created. Music has been a motivating force in his life since he picked up a pen to write his first rap at twelve years old; it was then, he realized he had a voice and was called for a purpose and has nothing else to offer the world. 

Given the opportunity to sit down with MAZON myself, to get a better understanding of who he is and what he strives to become as an Artist; he has undoubtedly exceeded all good things said on his behalf. We sat in the corner booth in Harrisburg’s District lounge in an attempt to escape the music and bickering; with our voices elevated; I told him to take me through the process that led to the album. MAZON sat relaxed, completely in his element, a flame lit within him and it showed on his face:

 “Unfortunately, someone stole my computer, with six or seven years worth of music. So I decided to link up with a couple of guys from Harrisburg; the most talented guys that I know, and told them, ‘we have to make an album.’ I put it together, chose what I needed to do, and made it happen. I made it from scratch; something I have never done before.” The unfortunate circumstance elevated MAZON to another level and tested him as an Artist.

In MAZON's words, “ the album was written quickly; within a couple of months-- maybe two months. . . But the process of putting an album out is so extensive and it's so intricate: you have to do this and do that. . . The writing and recording process was the easiest part.” The completion and release of the album is an accomplishment in itself, but for MAZON, knowing his music is reaching every possible ear who is willing to listen, is what he's most proud of. Friday June 16th, MAZON’s album was officially released on every music outlet including: iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube and SoundCloud.

On Thursday June 15th, the night before, MAZON held a listening party, releasing his thirteen-track album at Harrisburg's District lounge. As the event began, the lights were dimmed and the Dj played music to calm those who were waiting in anticipation; the audience crowded the bar shouting for a drink and claimed their seats. MAZON took the stage, a glass in one hand (we can assume to have been Tequila 1800) and the microphone in the other. Supportive Artists such as: Producer's and songwriter's Keyz da Don, Tr!z, Thelonius, J.Rich and upcoming recording Artist Corae Hill, made their appearances and sat alongside the stage. When the Dj played the first track: “Climax” produced by Tr!z, along with five other tracks on the album, fans reacted: with their arms thrown above their heads, fingers pointing in MAZON’s direction in congratulation, heads nodded repetitively, eyes fixed on the floor--concentrating intensely on the vibration of the beat and MAZON’s powerful voice slow-moving then speeding, putting emphasis on the lyrics like a drumstick to a snare. His narratives: candid and relatable, forcing listeners into full attention: 

“ I got the cash/ he got the pump/ riding down the highway/ years in the trunk/ I ain’t even trippin’/ Hennessy sippin’/ living room lookin’ like a set off big Pimpin’//And in the midst of it all. . . there stood MAZON, at center stage. He began rapping along to “Banger”, listed at number two and Produced by Tr!z, who can attest to MAZON’s artistic growth and work ethic, “ he’s a workhorse… he experienced a couple different things that took him down a few different paths but he's back. . . He has a completely different energy.” He continued: “he's a producer too, so we trade insight on different things.” 

Everybody wanna be a gansta/ don't nobody wanna put the work in/ everybody wanna be a rapper/ you should let a n**** write your verses. . . 

MAZON, produced his music at the start of his career and admittedly assisted with the production of “Banger,” creating the melody of the piano, while Tr!z brought the rest together. Banger is a fitting reflection of MAZON’s life experiences, work ethic, career, and aspirations: “ Blessed like the Bible/ death to my rivals/ pressed with the test of survival/ that's undeniable/ I stand right next to my idols/ I’m going to get me that title. . .” 

As far as inspiration, MAZON’s multitalented career is an encouragement for those such as Recording artist and co-founder of Maschine Life, Rawston George: “ I heard one of his tapes, and he made his own beats, he did everything. At that time, I think I was around nineteen or twenty. So, that was amazing to me. I was always rapping, but he was really out here doing it. . .” As well as music Producer and Lyricist Thelonius: “ listening to him for the first time put me on track to where I'm going to go, because I felt like there's real authenticity to his music. . .”

Four songs into the album and “Pendulum” flowed from the speakers displaying the versatility of MAZON’s delivery and content with a monologue-like style: “you like dressing up and going out/ I know you do/ call your girls and dance away what you been going through/ you ain't gotta worry about what I might do to you/ sorry in advance for what I might do to you. . .” Since the time of its release, it continues to trend on audiomack. 

As expected, Aris Hudson, a fan and supporter, raves about “Pendulum;” she has been following MAZON’s music for sometime now, and expressed her expectations for the album, “ I'm expecting a reflection of growth, showing where he came from, growth as a lyricist not just making music that sounds good or that is catchy, but actually has substance in it.” 

Every presumption imagined is executed in his indisputable album. There are patterns within the new age Hip Hop, of artists reliant on sound alone and not concerned with the lyrical content nor the message listeners will receive. MAZON’s “Priorities,” produced by Keyz da don, a founder of Maschine Life, and the voice on the hook, embodies organic Hip Hop. MAZON has a story to tell, and although, he said “it only takes a beat, I'm all about the beat 100% of the time, if the beat is hot, I can write a song in twenty or thirty minutes,” he does not allow the music to overpower his voice. That is the epitome of Hip Hop.

Listen to MAZON the album here

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