Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/18/17 #WhatYouNeedWednesday featuring TwizzMatic

TwizzMatic: Street Life and Video Games Vol. 2

Written By Lhayana Dallas

The only fascination of creating sound from the silence, is music. And in its perfect art form-- an Artist’s ability to manipulate its power: to persuade, move emotions, and entrap you in time. This doesn't solely start and end with lyrics. Rather, it resonates with a captivating melody and the vibrating movement of percussion. Philadelphia Artist, TwizzMatic has conquered the realm of music-making in its entirety as an Emcee, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. Matic's multi-talented career-- self-taught and overwhelmingly disciplined, was birthed as a pre-teen with the grip of drumsticks and the first line of his first poem. Eventually, those stanzas scribed in his composition notebook transformed into verses, marking his growth as an artist, and led to his first completed work: A Tribute to J Dilla, his favorite producer and his first album: Paper Coins.

As a childhood drummer, he was able to dissect music, pulling it apart, taking what he heard, and mimicking it; his sensitive ear eventually led him to explore the world of production by teaching himself keys, arrangement and whatever else was entailed in order to produce effectively. Matic’s attendance to Philadelphia High School for The Creative Performing Arts, supported his love for music and gave him the freedom to learn, which he has now dominated with the use of an old technique; but the music he mimics today, is the raw beat that starts in his head, moves to the drum set, and is ultimately translated to Pro Tools Program. In short, Matic’s talent as an Emcee and Lyricist would soon be recognized by TCA Music group, a recording company that was determined to sign him.

Matic’s motivation for track making, derives from listening to songs by well respected Artists from pre-generations, that encourages him to create an original track or procreate tracks by sampling, slow looping, and chopping. In doing so, reverence is paid to those who came before him; tracks from Artists like the Isley brothers, Herbie Hancock, and Earth, Wind and Fire (amongst more), who have laid brick and stone in the industry, are features on Matic's latest mixtape: Street Life and Video Games Vol.2. Self-produced, the mixtape, not only serves an homage to such Artists; it is a time capsule unburied. The soulful and amplified sound: the slowing, speeding up, and pauses; leaving only his voice acapella on the beat. The reminiscent tracks successfully marry the past and present, and is delivered by Matic’s raw lyrics and captivating storytelling; giving no choice but to follow him into his world that metaphorically compare and contrast street life as it coincides with video game playing.

Matic, being a gamer himself at one point in time, expresses his influence for this concept: “People who play video games don't realize it is the thrill of knowing you can kinda’ beat life, because life is a game. So, when you beat the game, you feel like you beat life, but you really didn’t beat nothing.” Matic’s intent is for listeners to understand that there is a long road that lies behind and a further road lying ahead that separates you from where you've been and where you're headed, in other words: ya’ll got the game mixed up. Matic sets a reminder with samples from iconic Emcee’s like Public Enemy and song “Hazy shade of criminal” in his song titled, “Enemy Lines,” which demonstrates solidarity by using exact lines to reiterate issues that are relevant today.

As an Artist, TwizzMatic is well accustomed to unexpected but inevitable losses in life; he channels that energy of misfortune from his personal life and music career into his music by taking the time to “observe the world around him and reprogram himself.” Street Life and Video Games Vol. 2 is a major milestone that marks, who he has always wanted to become as an Artist: “I am comfortable now; I have finally found myself as an artist.” This latest mixtape is a revelation that reflects Matic’s progression as an Artist. Although, what he has in store and who he will become remains a mystery, one thing is for certain, as the world around him sleeps, there he will be: creating music in the silence.

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