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Just Reflecting: MAZON

MAZON "The Will"

I got the opportunity to link up with the homie MAZON and discuss his viewpoints of Hip-Hop, his upcoming project, what feeling wanted him to create the song's "Sunroof" and "Malfunction" and a few things that may inspire him throughout his journey through life both as an emcee and as a person. Let's see what's really good with MAZON!!!!

The MaYoR: A close friend of mine once said the best way to receive your name is for it to have substance, how did you come up with the name MAZON?

MAZON: The name Mazon is a combination of "amazing" and the Amazon, without the "a" in the beginning. Also, my last name is Mays and that or "Maze" is a nickname for me in many circles. I think Mazon is a unique title and it's so close to my actual name so it doesn't feel like a forced stage name. It's cool to me.

The MaYoR: Dope, name's are definitely a major accent to life and in your case a career so now that myself as well as the readers have a better understanding I hope we all can appreciate your name so much more. Your style of music and content is rather unique. What inspired you to have an interest to accept and pursue your artistic side?

MAZON: My artistic side was always the shining star versus my athletic and scholastic sides. I've always been into music and writing so to combine the two was a natural hobby. The things I was around and the people I knew helped point me in the right direction and shape my style.

The MaYoR: Growing up we as children either pick up a ball or an instrument it seems lol. Since you knew at an early age that tapping into your artistic side was so natural, what age exactly would you say that spark actually happened?

MAZON: I decided that I wanted to do this when I was 12 years old. I had been writing raps before that, but at 12 I told myself that this is going to be my career in the future and I'm going to be great.

The MaYoR: It seems like the age of 12 is a really great year for an individual to really find his or herself when life pertains to sports, education and or music. I know your glad you stuck to your gut and listened to your conscience. Now let's talk about your upcoming project "The Will" How did you come about this project and why did you choose the title for the name?

MAZON: My upcoming project is called "The Will". It's about the will to rise above mediocrity and fulfill our destiny to be great. It's about taking chances. It's about having the will to work so hard that you get tunnel vision until you reach your goal. On the other hand, it's also about having the will to resist temptation of all sorts. I was inspired by a lot of real life situations. Some songs are stories of people that I know, some are stories about others that I just use to convey a message.

The MaYoR: That's deep my brother. Intellect and imagination. Those two combinations when working with art of any kind is the main ingredient to sustain and paint the picture and convey a message overall. Can we touch base now on your first two joints you put out to the world not too long ago "Sunroof" and "Malfunction" How were those songs created?

MAZON: The song "Sun Roof" is actually a remix from the original "Sunroof" on my previous project, Maintaining. I produced both versions and I wanted to transfer the good vibes of the original version to the remix and keep it very bright. I got some help via electric and acoustic guitar. That song is for Harrisburg. "Malfunction" was produced by Nick Verruto and was more of a freestyle then anything. I fell in love with the hard drums and the guitar riff that clashed with the bassline to create that awkward, eerie feel.

The MaYoR: So that explains why Sunroof is a remix. Nice, now we all have that favorite emcee, singer, producer, engineer etc that we would love to just be around and pick his or her brain and even collab with. Do you have anyone that you admire in that field?

MAZON: This is always a hard one for me. I'm such a big fan of music that I can sit here and name a good 10 musicians that I would love to work with and learn from. At the moment, it's out of Dr. Dre and Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's engineer/producer.

The MaYoR: I can relate to that because of my music appreciation, it's definitely hard to name a favorite but if you had to narrow it done to say one or two who would they be? Give the readers what they want lol.

MAZON: LOL, I choose Dr. Dre because I'd like to get some advice for mixing and spacing. I'd like to work with 40 because he's a great producer that understands "less is more". He doesn't make cloudy music. It's all clean and even.

The MaYoR: Those are two great engineers and producers that I would love to be around too, but I would need like a month just because innovation is so important and those two individual's have changed the sound of music so creatively.

The MaYoR: Lets revisit you as an Artist for a moment. Some artists sacrificed a lot to get to where they are as of today. Kayne locked himself in a room for a full summer mastering his sound and preparing for his moment. Trinidad James was working retail I believe before that big break happened for him. What is a normal day for MAZON?

MAZON: Until I can wake up and create music everyday for a living, I have to get up and go to work just like everyone else. I'm on the same trains as you, on the same grind as the regular man. After work is when I clock in my second job, the music. I spend a lot of time writing and learning music to make sure I don't get comfortable in the monotonous nine-to-five grind. That's not my destiny. There's always shows and events going on in Philly and I try to make it out to those as well, to build and network.

The MaYoR: It seems like the word "networking" never meant so much until college. Glad to hear that even though the world may have its ups and downs you don't let that get in the way from you mastering your craft. I've noticed via Twitter that like myself many get you confused with a dude from Philly. You rep 717 Harrisburg fully. I've also noticed that quite a few of your collides want to work with you on upcoming projects of their own. What is your viewpoint of HipHop in that aspect of Harrisburg PA?

MAZON: I think we're starting to see a lot of different talent emerge from the Harrisburg area, more so the 717. I'm proud of my city! We have a lot of learning to do as artists and producers but we're getting there. We've always had talent here. We just need to get everything else in order and we can really start to see our culture grow.

The MaYoR: Agreed and very well put. Last but not least, I'm sure you are a fan of music and other emcee's here in The Burg, with that being said are there any upcoming projects that you are anticipating from your "HipHop Peers"

MAZON: I'm looking forward to Thelonius' project."F.E.A.R". Not only do I think he's one of the best in the city but he's one of the best period. I can't wait to see what's he's going to do in the future.

Video: The Wildflowers
Directed By: Brian Lipko

Single's From "The Will"

Produced By: Nick Verruto

Song: Sun Roof
Produced By: MAZON

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