Tuesday, March 8, 2016

F.R.A.M.E.work Rich Wants You To Know His Name By Dexter Kendrick

F.R.A.M.E.work Rich
Wants You To Know His Name

by Dexter Kendrick

   “I feel like people don't look up enough”, says the 30 year old Harrisburg native and rapper, F.R.A.M.E.work Rich as he raises a toast of Rose Regale sparkling wine to the good life, and to his most recent project Non Social Media.  The mixtape which was released on his birthday, September 22, 2015, comes after a 2 year hiatus from music and public life.  “Things in my personal life caused me to hit a creative block”, he says.  “It came to a point where I was like f*ck rap, but to look at me you would have never known what I was going through.”  Yet while traveling through his own personal hell, the music in his spirit would not die.  He reminisces, “I did a science project when I was in elementary school entitled 'Does music make plants grow?' Turns out, it does.  One can't help but notice the metaphor in his statement.  As though music was the rope that not only resurrected his spirit, but also helped him climb his was back to us, and to himself. 
    “I'm all for the music.  Whatever will make the beat sound how it needs to sound, I'll do that.” Rich states.  Non Social Media is filled with relevant metaphors, such as in his reflective piece entitled “Rules of the 8”.  Rich explains that out of a 24 hour day, 8 hours are spent asleep, 8 hours are spent engaged in some type of work, and the other 8 defines the future you are creating for yourself over the next 8-10 years.  “I've made over a million dollars for other people; time to make it for myself”, he exudes as he references his former work in party promotions.  The club ready banger “Keep on Pushing” is not only a head bobbing anthem for the streets, but also Rich's personal mantra.  “People change in 5 years”, he says when talking about his F.R.A.M.Ework team of longtime close business associates.  “We're still tight, but I'm the only one who wants the spotlight”.  Having something to say is very important to Rich, who's carefully chosen, deliberate speech (and eye contact), is indicative of one who analyzes his sentences before speaking them out loud.  “ I like where [hip hop] is going”, he states, identifying with the underground struggles of other revolutionary rappers of our time such as J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar.  The 'hood ready “Trap Ni#$as” featuring PA Papes has the kind of 'puff, puff, pass' vibe we've come to expect from southern hip hop artists like Future, and yet Rich manages to carve a sound that remains authentic to his artistic vision. 

    “I wanna be heard” defines Rich, as he takes a bite of his grilled asparagus spear in the newly opened and extremely chic restaurant Crave, located in Harrisburg's colonial park business district.  The restaurant is dripped in deep red and black accents, intentionally designed to stimulate the appetite.  A fitting space for the redefined and ambitious Rich, who states that while Non Social Media is a representation of what he's learned about life and friendship in the indie hip hop game over the years, his forthcoming project “Non Social Media 2” goes even deeper into his more privately held emotional lessons. While Rich acknowledges the importance of publicity in this day and age of overexposure, he is content with the underground buzz Non Social Media has generated. One thing remains clear on this cloudy and rainy night just before winter turns to spring. In a not-too-distant future Rich's projects will be bursting forward with new life, growing bigger and farther than even he has imagined.  As for tonight, however, this revolution will not be televised.

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Dexter Kendrick is an indie music correspondent for Levelsreadyent.com and a lover of all things indie.  He can be reached at saturnsfirst@yahoo.com