Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Reflecting: 808ace

The MaYoR: A little while back I came across a tweet from close friend Brandon Lee of a promo video for is upcoming Instrumental project. Now Philly's on 808 Ace has his whole city ready for One Man Band to drop. I got a chance to sit down with him and see how this project came about, his viewpoints of Philly and why he is who he is. Don't mind us, we're Just Reflecting.

The MaYoR: I've noticed you have a good relationship with Brandon Lee. He is actually how I found out about your project, One Man Band. What inspired you to come up with this title for your project?

808 Ace: The title for this project came to me one day, I was on twitter and I seen a bunch of producers talking shit and they were saying they were better than this producer and that producer. I didn't pay it mind until I was mentioned in the convo. I didn't reply I just put a beat on soundcloud called "KING" it got 1000 hits in 2 hours so I went back on twitter and mentioned theses producers back and said #1manband I didn't think of it . It jus hit me.

The MaYoR: Lol, these social sites will get us everytime. I find that rather unique though. You took something so silly like a twitter debacle and made something of significance out of it. Your trian of thought explains why you are an artist to say the least. Now with a name like 808 Ace i really do not want to assume anything so I will ask. Most producers have a go to sound and or instrument when working heavy on production or projects. Do you have a favorite sound you use when working on production?

808 Ace: Lol funny you ask. Yeah I a favorite. The INFAMOUS "808" that's the hardest hitting drum (if u use it right) if used as a high or a low that's how I got the name 808Ace.. I use that drum in every beat I make since I been introduce to it 3 years ago,by my homie MARC GS.

The MaYoR: Very nice, its funny how much that drum has completely changed the mind state of hiphop and music in general. That drum has created its own culture of music it seems. Speaking of culture, how important is the culture not only with Hiphop or music but the culture of your city as a whole mean to you and why?

808 Ace: Culture means a lot to me, believe it or not culture can change a persons life rather it's music, HIPHOP, city etc. That's kind of the meaning behind my project 1 man band it's to shine a light on my city, because my city is known to have a lot of crabs in a barrow but with this project I wanted to make it cool again to put producer credits, video credit, studio credits. Check them niggas in the A" that's a whole different culture then what we use to. Feel me.

The MaYoR: I respect your mind state wanting to help make a difference in your city and paying attention to how other cities are working and progressing and implying that to your situation. Much respect. Now let me ask you this, what type of doors have opened up for you while pursuing a music career but not just musical opportunities. Other business or creative ventures?

808 Ace: Music has opened up many doors for me. The biggest I would have to say is a emotional outlet. I can get mad or upset an open the laptop and pour that frustration out and make a hit! Haha. I met a lot of people through my music, all different kinds of people and it kind of gives you an open mind on things. I'm also putting out a glasses line (Drummervision) inspired by the 1 man band mixtape.

The MaYoR: Does you remember a moment from your childhood that gives you a certain feeling when making music you create?

808 Ace: It's not really a particular moment. It's more like particular emotions from trapping, taking loses, being down being counted out, losing love ones, being on top living a street life it's no different then a rap telling there story by words I am jus using sounds. That's why I think so many people can feel my music on more then a listing level it touches them and they can relate to it. It's not just a bunch of sounds put together to sound nice.

The MaYoR: After this project what can we expect from you in the future?

808 Ace: After this project I'm going to keep on hustling, staying busy and creating a lane. With music it's no finish line music is always renewing and reinventing it self so as long as I can be creative I'm going to keep pushing.

The MaYoR: Solid, now here is something I am anticipating response wise. If you could give (the arts) community one characteristic from you what would it be and why?

808 Ace: A characteristic I would give to the community would be the art of creativity. Being creative is key with anything you do. I would also say passion. Passion carries care, feeling, emotion and gives your intellect a better perspective.

The MaYoR: I want to thank you for chopping it up with me. I can not wait to hear One Man Band when it drops and continue to see you grow as a man and producer in the future. One love.

Beat: KING
Produced By: 808 Ace

Beat: Yeah
Produced By: 808 Ace

Beat: One Man Band
Produced By: 808 Ace