Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Reflecting: Picture Life Perfect Photography

Vision is one of the most important sense's a person can have. But in order to really understand why you are viewing something you must first understand what you are looking at. CEO of Picture Life Perfect Jeff J, is no stranger to photography. Want to get a better view, well then you have to see what he's reflecting on.

The MaYoR: I appreciate a photographer in more way's than one. I always noticed you doing your thing while attending Lincoln University striving for your Bachelors degree in Communications I believe. How long have you been a photographer and when did you first fall in love with the idea of photography?

Jeff J: I've been in photography since attending Lincoln University but really started taking it serious in 2011.

The MaYoR: That whole college experience was dope. Especially meeting like minded people and bouncing ideas with your peers back and forth building relationships and career paths and goals. Now with so many obstacles getting in the way of a person starting his or her own business, who do you stay creative and business savvy? Where do you find inspiration from a creative side?

Jeff J. My creative side comes from a lot of things that occur in my life. I am also very observant when it comes to me watching a lot of movies.

The MaYoR: Very very dope. Now let me ask you this, being as though being an entrepreneur is so feasible the way technology is going since your a young entrepreneur that went to college and finished, how important is education to you even with software and technology at arms reach?

Jeff J. Education is very important wether you attend college or not , life is one big book and in-order to understand it you have to educate your self constantly. Research is the biggest part of education in my opinion if you not sure about something just research it until you find the answers.

The MaYoR: Research is one of the biggest parts of education I agree with that 100 percent. I hope the youth take heed of that statement. Now branding is so important in your field. My thoughts are if you do not appreciate the meaning of "Branding" and respecting yourself as a brand I believe it takes extra time and effort for your business to be validated. How do you feel about branding?

Jeff J. Branding is very important but I believe the most important part of my business is "costumer service" a person will always remember how you made them feel when they purchased your services.

The MaYoR: Solid, now I noticed you have become a family man. Balancing both work and family is a learning experience everyday I'm sure. How important is family to you and does that help with your creative vision as a photographer?

Jeff J. Family is the main reason I work so hard, I am a God fearing man and he always stress how a man should work hard to take care of his family so I use the gift that was given to me to help my family the best way that I can.

The MaYoR: Now you are a city boy and a scenery is one of the most important factors when it come to photography Im sure. One of the perks I would think in your profession would be traveling and culture. If you could travel to a particular country what would it be and why? Would that help expand your eye creatively in your opinion?

Jeff J. I will one day love it when I get to travel to Egypt and snap wonderful shots of the pyramids . This would change my creative eye drastically because coming from Jersey all I see is shapes that square /rectangle and photography is made up of a lot of triangles which are the shapes of the pyramids in Egypt.

The MaYoR: Now if you weren't aware I love asking this question. Our youth, future and integrity is something I love surrounding myself with. I know those three nouns coexist with each other. If you could give one characteristic back to "the arts" what would it be?

Jeff J. I would bring back the black and white characteristic of the arts and the reason for that is black and white pictures are very dramatic.

The MaYoR: I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and reflect with me. Much success and growth my bruddah. God's speed. One love.

Photo By: Jeff J.

Photo By: Jeff J.

Photo By: Jeff J.